Tender stage

Decken Engineering takes pride in ofering a team of highly experienced and suitably qualified engineerings & technical assistance to discuss & offer a better formwork design & ideas within the budget amount offered in bidding stage..

Bidding stage

Our engineering and design teams work closely with our clients to achieve a mutual understanding of the project needs and client requirements. Practical solutions supported by safe and economical design, with detailed proposals provide the best outcomes for compliance ..

Sales stage

Our in-house quality management system and processes, managed by very experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technical staff, ensures that all our products are manufactured to our own design and specifications that are rigorously checked through the production phase..

Engineering Support

>Decken Engineering Offers a brad spectrum of engineering services, all with a single aim to help you suceed on the site. Every project is unique nevertheless there is one thing that all construction projects have in common and that is a basic structure with five stages.

Supervision support

We moreover offer all at the staff at your company a training service & inorder tobe able to make the most of our modern formwork & scaffolding itis necessary to have a good knowledge of the way they function for fast, safe assembly


Ready to be used again. That’s >Decken product all time and not only because our product are specially durable but also because of maintainance we apply in order to be able to offer our customer a material in perfect condition material in perfect condition leads to high durability

Welcome to Decken engineering

Decken engineering offers comprehensive solutions for meeting every construction challenge. be it construction of every structures of construction, Decken engineering is a proven formwork solutions provider

Being an engineered product, Its fully compatible with different components having optimal number of individual elements. This makes it highly flexible and versatile enabling contractors to achieve stringent time schedules with safety and quality

Our mission at Decken engineering is to develop, manufacture and sell safe, reliable innovative products that make work easier and faster to execute with built in safety. We have been building safety into our formwork innovation design and grate packaging drive us. We strive to develop and design product specifically suited for each of our market segments construction.

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